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Undergraduate Spotlight



Natalie Northrup: Undergraduate Spotlight

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Natalie Northrup: Undergraduate Spotlight

Core program: 22′ Systems Engineering Track

How did you first become interested in CEE?
I was always latched to the idea of looking for environmental issues from a broad systems perspective and after hearing about the systems track, I had to check it out!

What has been your favorite CEE subject and why?
My favorite CEE subject was 1.041: Transportation Systems Modeling. The class exposed us to a bunch of different methods that could be used to model and simulate transportation systems. It both demonstrated how my skillset could be applied and made me excited to keep learning.

Tell us what you’re doing this summer?
This summer I am working for a company called Voltus that manages a distributed energy platform in markets across the U.S. and Canada. Currently the company helps customers participate in demand response programs, keeping dirty peaker plants out of the market! This summer I will be working with their Energy Markets team to help determine how their customers can change their load when a demand response event is called and how much each customer will be paid for their participation in demand response programs.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
I cannot keep a plant alive 🙁

When you’re not in class, how do you spend your free time?
I’m all over the place! People will see me when they first get to MIT as an orientation captain, on the river as a member of the Lightweight Women’s Crew team, in my kitchen cooking (and eating) yummy vegan food, in New Hampshire adventuring with the outing club, and working on sustainability projects with MIT’s UA Sustainability and Waste Watchers club.