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Graduate Spotlight


Graduate Spotlight: Shailey Patel

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Graduate Spotlight: Shailey Patel

Hometown: Saddle Brook, NJ

Advisor/PI: John Ochsendorf

Degree Program: MEng – Structural

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2023

How did you first become interested in Civil and Environmental Engineering?

I found my way to structural engineering through my love for architecture and physics. I enjoy learning the story behind buildings and being able to create welcoming environments for all people.

What is your area of research?

Historic structures

Why did you choose this research focus? Was there something that inspired you or did you always have this interest from a young age?

I have a passion for the preservation of historic structures and became enamored with Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence when I first saw it. Something about the structural integrity of these old buildings fill me with curiosity to learn what the engineers and artists of the time understood about physics and the Earth to come up with such beautiful and long-lasting structures.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of MIT?

I’m an artist, both in painting and sketching (@shaileydraws). I play basketball and lacrosse but am the biggest fan of football.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Cotton candy ice cream is my favorite flavor