Structures and Design

Structures represent the material backbone of society, including both physical and virtual entities. Domains of interest include systems that facilitate transportation of resources and people from places of generation to the locale of consumption. We strive to make structures stronger, more sustainable, and more effective. We challenge the paradigm of traditional structures such as roads and bridges, but also the production and delivery of drinking water, find solutions for airport congestion, and help eliminate public waste.

Key areas include:

  • Infrastructure materials, e.g.: ancient technologies and durable building materials, the concrete sustainability hub
  • Intelligent structures (roads, bridges, buildings), e.g.: sustainability of Kuwait’s built environment
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Cyberphysical systems, e.g.: situational awareness framework for cyber security event prediction and quantification (SAFFRON)
  • Bio-inspired design, e.g. additive manufacturing of novel composites through a materials-by-design approach


Admir Masic:
Ancient technologies and durable building materials

Professor Masic’s research focuses on archaeological materials, and through the integration of advanced characterization and modeling tools, he explores these ancient technologies as a source of inspiration for the development of a new generation of durable and sustainable building materials. This work also explores the complex degradation processes of these ancient structures with the aim to develop conservation strategies that will help mitigate the destructive effects of pollution and climate change.