Students take the lead in 2018 TREX program

Assistant Professor Ben Kocar led a group of students to Hawaii this Independent Activities Period (IAP) to conduct environmental research as part of CEE’s Traveling Research Environmental eXperiences (TREX) program. The students were tasked with executing two research projects, including collecting soil samples and using an unpiloted aerial vehicle (UAV) to monitor crop health, and [...]

TREX 2018 Day 16: Last Day of TREX

By Ju Chulakadabba ‘19 On the last day of TREX 2018, we spent most of the day on a plane since we left Hawaii the night before, kept flying from Hawaii to San Fransisco, then San Francisco to Boston. On top of that, our day was relatively short (only 19-hours long) since we lost 5 hours [...]

TREX 2018 Day 16: Epilogue

By Joey Noszek ’20 Our last day in Hawaii was interesting. We began the day by canoeing in the Pacific Ocean. Afterward, we toured a coffee plantation in Kona. And we ended the day with dinner at Kanaka Kava, a kava bar, where I finally had some genuine Hawaiian pork. But I do not want [...]

TREX 2018 Day 15: Last Day in Hawaii

By Ju Chulakadabba ‘19 Two weeks in Hawaii went by so fast. Today, our plan was to pack everything up, canoe in the ocean, and enjoy the last day in Hawaii. We packed everything up in the vans and left the hotel at 9 AM. We then arrived at the canoe club just in time to [...]

TREX 2018 Day 16: Goodbye Hawai’i!

By Meghan Reisenauer ‘19 Well, our trip to Hawai’i has come to an end. I write to you now from the San Francisco airport on our way back to Boston! Thursday was our last day on the Big Island. We started the day with some MIT alumni at the Keauhou Canoeing Club! Dennis, Fred, and [...]

TREX 2018 Day 16: Hawaii to MIT

By Suchan Vivatsethachai `20 Today was the last day of our TREX trip in Hawaii. We had been here for 2 weeks, but we did so many things that it felt like we had been there for months. Even on the last day, we did not let our precious time go to waste. Since our [...]

TREX 2018 Day 15: Last Day in the National Park

By Suchan Vivatsethachai `20 In the morning, we planned to do lava hike at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We had planned to do this hike last week, but did not have a chance to because we moved out when the national park was closed. We decided to split into two groups and the first group [...]

TREX 2018 Day 15: Say goodbye to both sun and moon

By Ju Chulakadabba ‘19 Today, I woke up at little early… 2:30 AM to be exact. The reason I woke up this early was because of the “super blue blood moon.” This was such a rare event. We have not had these three things occur at the same time in the U.S. since 1866. Meghan, [...]

TREX 2018 Day 15: Sensors and Green Sand

By Joey Noszek ’20 I know that I stated in a previous blog that the work part of TREX was over. Well, I was not entirely correct. There was still some work to do today, though not much. We are leaving some sensors behind on the island when we leave, so we had to place [...]

TREX 2018 Day 15: Green with Envy

By Meghan Reisenauer ‘19 Wednesday was our last full day in Hawaii! We definitely made the most of it. In the morning, our TA Ben asked if anyone was ready to leave after breakfast to head on the lava-searching hike, and I was itching to go. Ju and Joey also volunteered to go in Ben’s [...]