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We Made It!

After a 30-hour journey from Puerto Bertrand, Chile, to Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dam Analyst Squad has returned to the States. Although our sense of season was snapped to attention upon our arrival in frigid Boston, we are happy to be home.

Our expedition was nothing short of incredible. Hiking, rafting, backpacking and camping left Dam Analyst Squad with dirt in their nails, smoke in their eyes, water in their boots and huge smiles on their faces. The time we spent trekking through Chilean Patagonia, whether it was through outwash planes, over icy rivers, across blue glaciers or through misty forests, truly spoke to our sense of adventure and tied us further to the land and our project. If there was ever a time to quote the saying “a picture paints a thousand words,” the time is now. Instead of writing about the landscape, I will let the photos from our journey speak for themselves.

Hiking trip-1

Jan 21: A 15-mile hike on the way to Sol de Mayo.


Hiking trip-2

Jan. 22: Hiking across a raging stream on a makeshift log-bridge to reach Camp 5.


hiking trip-3

Jan. 23, Sol de Mayo: Camping at the foot of mountains.


hiking trip-4

Jan 24: Ra