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2015 News Releases



Sharing best practices for getting published in science

Marilyn Siderwicz Civil and Environmental Engineering Panel at MIT brings together editors, students, and faculty to discuss diverse aspects of publishing research. Finding the right outlet to publish scientific work is crucial for students, postdocs, and […]

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Stretchable hydrogel electronics

MIT News Office   Water-based “Band-Aid” senses temperature, lights up, and delivers medicine to the skin. MIT engineers have designed what may be the Band-Aid of the future: a sticky, stretchy, gel-like material that can incorporate […]

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Water management in a changing environment

Kelsey Damrad Civil and Environmental Engineering MIT Water Summit presents insights, innovations, and solutions to protect our world’s most abundant natural resource. Amid a changing climate, population growth, rapid development, and pervasive urbanization, an unprecedented threat […]

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Hydrogel superglue is 90 percent water

MIT News Office New “water adhesive” is tougher than natural adhesives employed by mussels and barnacles. Nature has developed innovative ways to solve a sticky challenge: Mussels and barnacles stubbornly glue themselves to cliff faces, ship […]

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Environment, infrastructure, and people

Kelsey Damrad Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty discuss interdisciplinary research and educational initiatives in the CEE New Research Alumni Breakfast. On Oct. 21, alumni, students, faculty, and staff from the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering […]

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Real-time epidemiology from urban wastewater

Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment  MIT and Kuwait researchers have been awarded $4 million to fund Underworlds, a study of real-time epidemiology using biomarkers in urban sewage. A team of MIT researchers, together […]

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Study: Persian Gulf could experience deadly heat

MIT News Detailed climate simulation shows a threshold of survivability could be crossed without mitigation measures. Within this century, parts of the Persian Gulf region could be hit with unprecedented events of deadly heat as a […]

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Expecting the unexpected

MIT News Office In new book, MIT professor explains how companies can lessen the shocks of a volatile world. Companies large and small globalize their enterprises in search of advantages, such as lower costs, flexibility, and […]

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The resilience of Admir Masic

Marilyn Siderwicz Civil and Environmental Engineering A former Bosnian refugee — and new CEE faculty member — finds parallels in his life, his research, and a current political crisis. In his first week at MIT, Assistant […]

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