Course 1, Year 1


Course 1 takes MIT’s “mind and hand” motto very seriously; students learn from lab exercises, hands-on projects and experimental research, which all supplement the material they learn in lectures.

Marcin Hajduczek ‘22

Welcome to MIT! Course 1 is all about understanding the world around us and taking on global challenges.  We work in areas such as renewable energy, autonomous transportation, and sustainable/resilient infrastructure.

You can read more details about our undergraduate program here.

Course 1 hosts several events throughout the year to give you a taste of CEE. Check back periodically for new event postings!

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Discover Course 1 FROP 08/24/2021 -08/28/2021

Participate in Discover Course 1 and make your first week at MIT one that will make an impact on the world and on your MIT experience. Organized around dynamic, hands-on modules and small team competitions, you will learn about the diversity of study in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and meet faculty and current students, as well as discover exciting opportunities engineers have at MIT – especially in Course 1! Apply through the Office of the First Year. 

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There is something really special about learning from this powerhouse of diverse faculty members and having the confidence that any professor I approach is eager to not just entertain, but also help realize my crazy ideas

Chelsea Watanabe ‘21

I’m very fortunate to be a part of the Course 1 community and in the company of brilliant and creative minds. In classes, I enjoy the hands-on learning approach and the collaboration aspect of our various projects.

Zach Roberts ‘21

Majoring in Course 1 has opened a lot of opportunities for me to do hands-on work that really interests me and so far these experiences have been highlights of my time at MIT.

Stephanie Baez ‘22