Graduate student Audrey Bazerghi and PhD student Cherry Gao win first place in Patagonia Case Competition

Graduate student Audrey Bazerghi and PhD student Cherry Gao won first place in the Patagonia Case Competition. Patagonia, the sustainable apparel company, organizes an international case competition each year in order to solve pressing challenges within environmental sustainability. This year, teams of graduate students were asked to propose sustainable packaging solutions that can be implemented at scale [...]

Professor Otto X. Cordero, postdoctoral associates Julia Schwartzman and Manoshi Datta, and research affiliate Tim Enke discover simple assembly rules for polysaccharide-degrading marine microbiomes

Associate Professor Otto X. Cordero, postdoctoral associates Julia Schwartzman and Manoshi Datta, together with research affiliate Tim Enke discover simple assembly rules for polysaccharide-degrading marine microbiomes. The researchers showed that these microbiomes can be decomposed into functional modules, with each module encompassing bacterial species that degrade a specific type of polysaccharide, and an additional module containing species that [...]

Professor Martin Polz edits new book Population Genomics: Microorganisms

Professor Martin Polz edited a new book called Population Genomics: Microorganisms. The book discusses advances that have been made, promises of population genomics in microorganisms, and key theoretical and practical challenges for microbial population genomics.  

Professor Dara Entekhabi and graduate student Andrew Feldman publish research in Nature Plants

Feldman and colleagues published new research in Nature Plants. They used NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite mission measurements and evaluated short term, simultaneous changes of surface soil moisture and vegetation water content in the soil-plant continuum. Read more here.

Professor Markus Buehler and Zhao Qin create music through protein structures

McAfee Professor of Engineering and Department Head Markus Buehler and research scientist Zhao Qin create music by overlaying vibrations of protein structures. The protein synthesizer can be used for educational purposes, allowing participants to create their own sound combinations. It exemplifies how a complex harmony can be reduced to a simple melody and basic notes. [...]

Professor Charles Harvey publishes new research on haze in Singapore

Professor Charles Harvey and researchers confirm through radiocarbon measurements, that the severe haze in Singapore and neighboring countries, is caused by burning peatlands in Indonesia, and not the popular belief of deforestation and waste burning. Harvey and researchers are currently experimenting with the replanting of native trees on a new field area that was deforested and [...]

Assistant Professor Lydia Bourouiba publishes new study on bacteria in bubbles

Assistant Professor Lydia Bourouiba and graduate student Stephanie Poulain published a new study in the Physical Review Lettersthat shows how contaminated bubbles act as tiny microbial grenades, launching microorganisms and potential pathogens into the air. Read more on MIT News.

Professor Markus Buehler is selected as a 2018 highly cited researcher by Clarivate Analytics

McAfee Professor of Engineering and Department Head Markus Buehler is selected as a 2018 highly cited researcher by Clarivate Analytics, who runs the scientific index, “Web of Science.” Professor Buehler received this honor for producing multiple highly cited papers ranking in the top 1% for a publication field and year throughout the last decade. The [...]

PhD student Catherine Nikiel discusses her research on climate change at the regional scale

PhD student Catherine Nikiel, working in Breene M. Kerr Professor Elfatih Eltahir’s Lab, is studying the impact of climate change on different aspects of the hydrological cycle. In particular, she is investigating the impact of land-use change on regional climate in the midwestern United States. Read more on MIT News.

René García Franceschini ’19 aims to expand energy access for all Americans

René García Franceschini ’19, spent the 2018 Independent Activities Period traveling through southern Puerto Rico interviewing residents about their experience dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Maria last year. He is now working with Solstice, a company that aims to expand solar energy access to all Americans, regardless of their income. García Franceschini is interested [...]