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2013 News in Brief



Homing in on stressed coral

Coral reefs, the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world’s oceans, are declining because of bleaching and disease. But little is known about the microscale interactions between the pathogens that cause disease and the weakened coral. Now […]

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Upside-down flower grabs liquid as its petals close

Motivated by aquatic flowers, Professors Pedro Reis (CEE and MechE) and John Bush (Mathematics) recently designed an upside-down floral pipette whose petals grab liquid as they close. This mechanism was inspired by the behavior of water lilies, which float at the […]

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Andrew Whittle delivers Buchanan Lecture at Texas A&M

Professor Andrew Whittle delivered the 21st Buchanan Lecture at Texas A&M University on Nov. 22. Whittle, the Edmund K. Turner Professor in CEE, spoke on “The Importance of Undrained Behavior in the Analysis of Soil-Structure Interactions.” […]

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November On Balance: Hidden risk in supply chains

The November issue of the On Balance newsletter describes a study led by Professor David Simchi-Levi that provides a new quantitative model for analyzing a corporation’s supply chain risk. Surprisingly, the study shows no correlation between […]

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Chi Epsilon to hold CEE Industry Panel

The MIT chapter of Chi Epsilon, the honor society for CEE, is holding a Civil and Environmental Engineering Industry Panel Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. in Room 1-131. Speakers will talk about their work, followed […]

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Transportation students Krishna Kumar Selvam and Setareh Borjian awarded 2nd place in INFORMS Railway Applications competition

Master of Transportation students Krishna Kumar Selvam (who works with Professor Carolina Osorio) and Setareh Borjian (who works with Associate Dean Cynthia Barnhart and Professor Patrick Jaillet) were jointly awarded the second-place prize in the recent INFORMS Railway Applications Section Competition. Their proposal for optimizing the […]

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