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ONE-MA3: The Cycle of Lime

By Rovi Porter ’22 It has been over a week since we have arrived in Italy and most of our lessons have included some form of lime. From visiting the kiln to burn limestone, to making […]

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ONE-MA3: Photogrammetry

By Maritza Gallegos ’22 Our team of students and restorers was lucky enough to get to work in the beautiful Gardens of Ninfa, a juxtaposition of long abandoned ruins and living plants. It is one of […]

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Day VI: Enjoying M&Ms (Mortars and Mosaics)

Sophia Mittman ’22 We’ve always known that the Romans were master engineers and artists, but during ONE-MA3 we’ve been learning that they were also incredible chemists! Today, after the usual yet satisfying breakfast of bread, cheese, […]

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