Graduate Program

Our graduate programs provide limitless possibilities at the frontier of knowledge and innovation. Graduate students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering make a lasting impact in the world, as they launch careers in academia and industry, or become entrepreneurs.

Degrees Offered

We offer advanced Master and Doctoral degrees within the areas of environmental chemistry; environmental fluid mechanics; ecology and evolution; hydrology and hydroclimatology; networks, systems engineering including networks and transportation, and materials, structures and geomechanics.

Academic Environment

We want our students to work together whenever possible, and not just with each other. At MIT CEE, our graduate students work closely with all members of our department – faculty, undergraduate students, other graduate students, postdocs and staff. Learning does not stop once you leave the classroom or laboratory. Through interdisciplinary research and social gatherings, the education process is constant.

Real-World Impact

Our students discover, they design, develop and implement new technologies and systems that make an impact. We are finding solutions based on scientific research, and implementing them to make real-world contributions.

Endless Opportunities

As a CEE graduate student, you will meet and work with the world’s best and brightest, building both your intellectual talent as well as your network of future collaborators and mentors. You will immediately step into cutting-edge research projects and work in teams to tackle problems that will impact the world, while at the same time engaging in creative engineering and making professional networks through extracurricular activities.