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ONE-MA3 – Roaming Around Rome

By Naomi Lutz ’22 We checked into our hotel in Rome late Saturday night and our first stop was, of course, gelato. The gelato place put melted chocolate at the bottom of the cone, making it […]

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ONE-MA3 – Day XIV: Pompeii!

By Sophia Mittman ’22 A short night of rest and our bags packed fully once again, we said goodbye to Terracina and made the trek to Pompeii by bus. (Fun fact that I learned: Pompeii with […]

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ONE-MA3: A Medieval Eden

By Marcin Hajduczek ’22 “Hurry, get across quickly before the grounds keepers notice,” Professor Masic joked, ushering us across the rope that closed off the exhibit from most visitors. While other tourists watched us with knit […]

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ONE-MA3: The Cycle of Lime

By Rovi Porter ’22 It has been over a week since we have arrived in Italy and most of our lessons have included some form of lime. From visiting the kiln to burn limestone, to making […]

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ONE-MA3: Photogrammetry

By Maritza Gallegos ’22 Our team of students and restorers was lucky enough to get to work in the beautiful Gardens of Ninfa, a juxtaposition of long abandoned ruins and living plants. It is one of […]

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