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Professor Admir Masic

ONE-MA3 2017: The Journey Continues

[fusion_text]By Sierra Rosenzweig 6/23/2017 – Hidden Underneath the Vatican We were all sad to leave the castle in Priverno, but it was time to leave our fortress full of research gadgets and gelato for an adventure […]

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ONE-MA3 2017: Making a Model

[fusion_text]By Sierra Rosenzweig Today, the ONE-MA3 team traveled to the Archaeological Museum to view mosaics extracted from the dig site in Privernum. We were curious how grand the mosaics would have looked when they were still […]

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ONE-MA3 2017: Mortars and Mosaics

[fusion_text]By Sierra Rosenzweig It was a day of creation for the ONE-MA3 team. Today, Italian experts came to the castle we’re staying at to teach us about ancient Roman mortar making techniques. The experts lead us […]

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ONE-MA3 2017: Fieldwork Begins

[fusion_text]By Sierra Rosenzweig   Today was day one on the job for the ONE-MA3 crew. To get a handle on the archaeological site that we would be working with, we went to the museum in Priverno […]

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ONE-MA3 2017: An Italian Weekend

[fusion_text]By Sierra Rosenzweig The ONE-MA3 team started off the weekend immersing ourselves in the Italian way. After espressos and pastries for breakfast, we headed to the beach to test our language skills at the fish market. […]

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ONE-MA3 2017: The Castello in Priverno

[fusion_text]By Sierra Rosenzweig After a full night of flying for the majority of the ONE-MA3 students, we arrived in Rome and commenced our grand Italy trip. Our first day was no ride to a hotel and […]

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