Lecturers - John Germaine

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John Germaine

Senior Lecturer

Senior Research Associate

Room 1-353
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139

Telephone: 617.253.7113 Email: jgermain@mit.edu Assistant: Sheila Fay / sfay@mit.edu


  • B.S. 1976, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • S.M. 1980, MIT
  • Sc.D. 1982, MIT

Research Interests

  • Lab and field instrumentation
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Data acquisition
  • Lab testing automation

Selected Publications

  1. Germaine, J. T., and Germaine, A. V. (2009); Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN 978-0-470-15093-1.
  2. Jamiolkowski, M., Ladd, C.C., Germaine, J.T. & Lanellotta, R. (1985) "New Developments in Field and Laboratory Testing of Soils: Theme Lecture No. 2," Proc. 11th Intl. Conf. Soil Mechs. and Foundn. Engrg., San Francisco, Vol. 1, pp. 57-155.
  3. Ladd, C.C., Weaver, J.S., Germaine, J.T. & Sauls, D.P. (1985) "Strength-deformation Properties of Arctic Silts," Proc. ASCE Spec. Conf. on Civil Engineering in the Arctic Offshore, San Francisco, pp. 8-20.
  4. Germaine, J.T. & Ladd, C.C. (1990) "Triaxial Testing of Saturated Cohesive Soils," ASTM Symposium on Advanced Triaxial Testing ofSoil, ASTM STP 977, pp. 421-459.
  5. Sheahan, T.C., Germaine, J.T. & Ladd, C.C. (1990) "Automated Triaxial Testing of Soft Clay: Upgrading a Commercial System," ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 13, pp. 153-163.
  6. Onoue, A., Ting, N., Germaine, J.T. & Whitman, R.V. (1991) "Permeability of Disturbed Zone Around Vertical Drains," Proc. ASCE Geotechnical Congress, Boulder, June.
  7. Zreik, D., Germaine J.T., & Ladd, C.C. (1995) "Undrained Strength of Ultra-Weak Cohesive Soils: Part I - Relationship Between Void Ratio and Effective Stress," (submitted to the Canadian Geotechnical Journal).
  8. Zreik, D., Germaine J.T., & Ladd, C.C. (1995) "Undrained Strength of Ultra-Weak Cohesive Soils: Part II - Effect of Aging Time and Stress History," (submitted to the Canadian Geotechnical Journal).