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Susan Murcott

Senior Lecturer

Room 1-138
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139

Email: murcott@mit.edu Research Website: http://globalwater.mit.edu/


  • Bachelor of Arts 1990, Wellesley College
  • Bachelor of Science 1990, MIT
  • Master of Science 1992, MIT

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Research Interests

Susan Murcott’s research and action focus is on the global water crisis and innovative solutions for the 21st century. She has 20+ years of practical, field-based experience in water, sanitation, hygiene in developing countries, including the treatment and safe storage of household drinking water. Mentoring students and implementing innovative solutions in complex, low-income settings is essential to her research.

Teaching Interests

  • Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries
  • Design, Dissemination and Scale-up of Common Good Innovations in Developing Countries
  • Global Freshwater Crisis and Innovative 21st c. Solutions
  • Sustainable Development for Large Infrastructure Projects

Selected Publications

  1. Murcott, S. 2012. Arsenic Contamination in the World: An International Sourcebook. IWA Publishing. London. ISBN: 9781780400389.
  2. Murcott SE, Dunn A, Harleman DRF. 2009. Wastewater Treatment for Agricultural Irrigation in Mexico. The Center for Strategic and International Studies and School of Advanced International Studies, Eds. In: Water and Agriculture: Implications for Development and Growth: Essays from Year of Water Conference. November 2009
  3. Murcott, S. 2007. “Co-evolutionary Design for Development: Influences Shaping Engineering Design and Implementation in Nepal and the Global Village.” Journal of International Development. 19, 123-144 (2007) DOI: 10.1002/jid.1353
  4. Murcott, S. 2006. “Implementation, Critical Factors and Challenges to Scale-Up of Household Drinking Water Treatment and Safe Storage Systems.” Background Paper on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) for the Electronic Conference May 12-22, 2006 Hosted by US AID / Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP)


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  4. Global Water Trust. “Arsenic: The Largest Mass Poisoning in History” TV documentary on arsenic crisis in South Asia. 2006.

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