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2015 News in Brief



2015 CEE Capstone Prize Winners

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On May 15, four Course 1 students – Michael Eck, Michelle Dutt, Noor Khouri and Dimitrios Pagonakis – presented their senior capstone projects to an audience of faculty, staff and students for subsequent selection for the prizes. Two winners were selected by the panel of judges based on his/her presentation performance and the impact of the innovation. Khouri ’15 won for her work devising a computational tool that can be used to design ciliated microchannels with enhanced mixing performance in microfluidic devices. Pagonakis ’15 won with his research which produced a new algorithmic script and framework to help engineers and architects find the least volume structure solution for any load bearing arch design regardless of construction material quality. The work could lead to the use of cheaper, more available materials like lower-grade concrete in the design of stronger, more sustainable arched structures due to optimized geometric compression.