A new ocean soundscape

MIT-WHOI Joint Program student turns ocean data into tunes When you think of the sounds of the ocean, you might think of waves pounding on the shore or the call of a humpback whale. But can the ocean create music? In a sense, it can. Noah Germolus, a third-year MIT-WHOI Joint Program chemical oceanography student, [...]

Tackling air pollution in India and the developing world

PhD student Sidhant Pai works on atmospheric chemistry models that may help policymakers improve air quality in their region. “I grew up with asthma as a kid, so bad air quality holds a visceral significance for me,” says Sidhant (Sid) Pai ’14, who spent much of his childhood in Pune, India. Located about 90 miles [...]

PhD Candidate, Alexandre Tuel, Tracks Drying Trends in the Mediterranean Basin

  From his earliest days growing up in France, Alexandre Tuel PhD ’20, has had an interest in weather and the natural world. “In France I was very interested in hard sciences: maths, physics, and earth sciences. I’ve always enjoyed weather and things like that.” Says Tuel. It was his ongoing passion for the environment [...]