ONE-MA3 – Day XXII: Walking Through Amazonian, Medieval, and Egyptian Histories and Culture

By Sophia Mittman '22 “When you first start, and then you fail, that’s when it gets interesting, and you realize what you need to do next.” The wise words of Professor Masic resonated in our ears as we opened the kiln in the Nicola Restoration labs in Aramengo a day after we had synthesized our [...]

ONE-MA3: Castle on the Hill

By Anna Landler '22 I went into this trip with few expectations. That’s not the same as low expectations. I simply did not have any concrete things that I expected. I had a notion of general positive feelings towards the trip to Italy, and that’s about it. The first few days were incredible. We arrived [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XX: Photogrammetry among Pharaohs!

By Sophia Mittman '22 Today, we got to be professionals. At least, the red bars of tape that blocked off certain areas of the Museo Egizio for us to work in made us feel like we were! Basically, each of the four teams was given a separate scavenger hunt—a scavenger hunt that took us to [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XIX: Face-to-Face With 3000-Year-old Artifacts!

By Sophia Mittman '22 Usually, most ancient artifacts can only be seen being displayed behind glass under scattered spotlight, or even from afar behind a rail. Today however, there were no boundaries when it came to analyzing thousand-year-old Egyptian sarcophagi, relic boxes, and statuettes (besides the obvious restrictions of not touching the objects). Each of [...]

ONE-MA3: Our last day in Italia

By Meriah Gannon '22 Almost three and a half weeks after we first landed in Italy, our last full day in this country has arrived. Although I was sad to see this day come, I was also excited for our last activity, building gypsum structures! We began the morning with a lecture by Dario Parigi [...]

ONE-MA3: Gypsum Adventures in Aramengo

By Carene Umubyeyi '22 Our last day of ONE-MA3 was spent applying what we learned in Professor Ochsendorf’s lecture at the American Academy in Rome by constructing our own gypsum shell structures using minimal reinforcement. We spent the first part of the morning with a lesson from Dario Parigi on load-bearing structures, with emphasis on [...]

The Power of Pigments

By Sophia Mittman '22 Even though the ONE-MA^3 program has finished, I decided to stay in Italy to work with the University of Turin and the Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum) studying the pigment Egyptian blue and Egyptian faience. We learned lots about Egyptian blue during ONE-MA^3, but I had no idea how extensive the topic [...]

A Discussion Over the Ethics of Mummified Hands

By Sophia Mittman '22 While I’m here in Italy, I have been completing most of my research at the Museo Egizio of Turin, which is home to the second largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the world, second only to that held in Cairo, Egypt. Each morning when I enter the museum, I walk past [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XVIII: Night at the Egyptian Museum…During the Day

By Sophia Mittman '22 We all know the story of Night at the Museum, and many of us can admit to fantasizing when we were younger about what might happen if artifacts of figurines and mummies came alive in museums when no one was watching. Well, at the Museo Egizio in Turin, history actually does [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XVII: La Venaria Reale Conservation and Restoration Center

Sophia Mittman '22 It has been quite a difference to go from the narrow and bustling streets of Rome to the long, wide, and French-looking facades of Turin with the Alps peeping above the city in the distance. But, it has been an exciting change! With a completely new environment came a new set of [...]