TREX Goes Canoeing

By Viban Gonzales '20 Today was another day of work in the morning and play in the afternoon. We will be presenting our research to some high school students on Friday, and we spent this morning preparing for it. Then in the afternoon, we went to Keauhou to experience outrigger canoeing. We put on our [...]

TREX 2019: The Mission to Ascend Mauna Kea

By Peter Duff '20 On our sixth day on the island, we had a singular mission; ascend Mauna Kea, and do so in one piece. Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano, stretching ear-popping 13800 feet into the sky, making it the highest point in the state. Its peak is sacred for the native peoples of [...]

TREX – Day 5: Mauna Kea!

By Rayna Higuchi '20 REX Day 5: Mauna Kea! Today, we drove up Mauna Kea, the second-highest mountain on the island. At the top, there was none of the heat nor humidity we have come to expect here. Howling winds made it difficult to hear and tore the heat straight from our bodies, while sending [...]

TREX Day 8: Leilani and the Super Blood Moon

By Rayna Higuchi '20 Leilani Estates was right by the Fissure 8, the most destructive fissure during this past summer’s lava flows. The surrounding area has been transformed into volcanic glass; it is dangerous, unstable, and sharp. Ben, one of the TAs, is friends with someone whose property was destroyed. As sad as this is, [...]

Day 6: Installing Meteorological Sensors in Ocean View

By Janice Shiu '20 As with most days, the group split into two teams, one focused on meteorology and the other on forestry. Given yesterday’s forestry group’s enthusiasm for 7 feet tall ferns and wading through scaffolds of fallen trunks, and the meteorology group’s quiet appreciation for rest days, scenic landscapes, and building, it was [...]

TREX Day 7: Transects and Beaches (Again…)

By Rayna Higuchi '20 We started off today with data analysis, compiling and graphing the data that we have generated with transects so far. Nothing particularly insightful has popped up yet, but we’ll be studying the numbers in further depth to see what conclusions we might draw from them. After a few hours of this, [...]

TREX Day 6 – Plants

By Rayna Higuchi '20 Sierra Rosenzweig ’20, Stephen Duncan ’20, and I kicked off our day with an early morning call into the CEE mini-UROP. We spoke to the freshmen about our experience in TREX and what we were doing on the island. After yesterday, the instructors gave us the morning off, so we didn’t [...]

TREX – Day 5: Transects and Sensors

By Janice Shiu ’20 Today, we split into three groups: one to do atmospheric profiles using drones, one to do forest transects in the Nanawale forest reserve, and one to put up a meteorological sensor and air filter in Hilo. The meteorological team was passing through Hilo, so we started the day with a massive [...]

TREX Day 2- Exploring with the Plant Group

By Janice Shiu '20 Today, the TREX group split into two groups, the atmosphere group and plant group. While the atmosphere group set up meteorological sensors at Kaʻū High & Pāhala Elementary School, the plant group (also known as the pants group for our characteristic leg protection) did a practice survey of the vegetation just [...]

TREX 2019 – When in Rome, eat spam

By Viban Gonzales '20 We’ve been in Hawaii for a few days now and have settled into an evening routine. At the start of the trip, we all signed up for nights to cook dinner for all of the students. Two to three people cook and two people clean up.  I cooked with Janice Shiu [...]