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MEMSI – The Product

By Eric Wong ’19 FYI-DIY FYI-DIY is a not-for-profit social enterprise platform dedicated to empowering DIYers across America with not just the how-to, but the ‘how-tools’ to do any home improvement project. We are a movement […]

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MEMSI – The Process

By Eric Wong ’19 Today we decided to kick start our goal of tackling supermarket packaging waste by going on a field trip to a nearby supermarket to see firsthand what we’re trying to solve. At […]

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MEMSI – The Startup 101

By Eric Wong ’19 1. The Team Here at the MEMSI program they identify three types of people: hustlers, hipsters, and hackers. The Hustlers are your deal closers, the ones who bring the money in. The […]

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MEMSI – The Setup

By Eric Wong ’19 MEMSI [MIT Entrepreneurship and Maker Skills Integrator] is a two-week hardware startup bootcamp based in Hong Kong! This year’s cohort includes thirty-four students across a wide breadth of both undergraduate and graduate […]

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