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2012 News in Brief



Birendra Jha’s image featured in ‘Back Scatter’ and ‘Kaledioscope’

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Viscous fingersAn image by graduate student Birendra Jha was selected to appear on “Back Scatter,” the back cover of Physics Today, in the January 2012 issue. The image, which also appeared last fall in Wired-UK and Discover magazine, illustrates the mixing of two fluids of different viscosities by “viscous fingering.” A similar image by Jha also has been selected to appear in the “Kaleidoscope” section of an upcoming issue of Physical Review E. A paper on the research associated with the image by Professor Ruben Juanes, postdoctoral associate Luis Cueto-Felgueroso and graduate students Jha and Michael Szulczewski appeared in a May issue of Physical Review Letters (PRL). Read a news release about the PRL paper.