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2011 News in Brief



Junior Tiffany Cheng selected as a Burchard Scholar

Tiffany Cheng, a junior majoring in environmental engineering science and minoring in applied international studies, has been named a 2011 Burchard Scholar. The award, given by the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, recognizes students […]

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Grad student Marne Zahner wins Goody Award

M.Eng. student Marne Zahner was selected as the spring 2010 Marvin E. Goody Award winner for his thesis proposal, “Energy Dissipation Behavior of the Modified Friction Device.” The $5,000 Goody Award is given to an MIT […]

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Ed DeLong named a AAAS Fellow

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has selected Professor Ed DeLong as a AAAS Fellow, a distinction that recognizes his important contributions to microbial systems science. Long is a pioneer in the field […]

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Naomi Stein Reporting From Washington

The Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (known as TRB) in Washington, D.C. is attended by about 10,000 people from around the globe. M.S.T. student Naomi Stein is blogging. Read Naomi Stein’s TRB blog. […]

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TREX in the Waiulaula Watershed on Hawaii

Seventeen undergrads accompanied by four faculty members and three TAs will spend three weeks on the big island of Hawaii studying the Waiulaula Watershed. The students will take turns blogging. Read the TREX Hawaii blog. […]

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Claudia Espinoza Reporting From Nepal

M.Eng. students Claudia Espinoza and Maclyn O’Donnell are doing research in the Terai region of Nepal to find out why arsenic drinking water filters are failing under certain conditions. Read Claudia Espinoza’s blog. […]

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Katie Puckett Reporting From Honduras

M.Eng. students Katie Pucket and Kent Walker will spend January performing an assessment of the wastewater treatment in the Lake Yojoa subwatershed in western Honduras. Katie Puckett is blogging about their work. […]

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