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2015 News in Brief



Pedro Reis untangles the mechanics of knots

Professor Pedro Reis and his team analyzed the mechanical forces of simple knots to devise a theory that describes how a knot’s topology determines its mechanical forces. This theory, he says, holds potential positive impact for future surgical […]

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Saurabh Amin receives NSF Career award

Professor Saurabh Amin was a recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Career award for his project titled, “Resilient Design of Networked Infrastructure Systems: Models, Validation, and Synthesis”. The $400,000 grant will go toward his project, […]

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Course 1 team quantifies the impacts of irrigation

A CEE team investigated the impacts of large-scale cropland irrigation on rainfall patterns in the East African Sahel around the Gezira Irrigation Scheme. The researchers – Associate Department Head Elfatih Eltahir, Research Affiliate Ross Alter, and […]

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Ruben Juanes announced as new director of Pierce Laboratory

Associate Professor Ruben Juanes is the new director of Pierce Laboratory. Juanes’s vision and expertise will benefit Pierce’s focus on using innovative science and engineering approaches to advance the design of infrastructure materials, transportation systems, cities, […]

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Discover Course 1 concludes with freshmen competition

About a dozen incoming freshmen participated in Discover Course 1 (DC1) this past week during FPOP, Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs. Mentored by CEE upperclassman, the students participated in several departmental education modules culminating in a competition based […]

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Can rain clean the atmosphere?

Through a study that explains how rain droplets attract aerosols out of the atmosphere, a group of atmospheric chemists at MIT have now determined just how effective rain is in cleaning the atmosphere. CEE and Atmospheric […]

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MIT Seminar on Environmental and Agricultural History

Mark the days on your calendar for the 2015/16 MIT seminar on Environmental and Agricultural History calendar! This seminar series consists of four events throughout the academic year, all sponsored by MIT’s History Faculty and Program […]

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New director of Pierce Laboratory announced

Department Head Markus Buehler announced the official appointment of Professor Ruben Juanes as the new director of Pierce Laboratory, effective September 2015. “I am truly excited that Ruben has agreed to serve in this important role,” […]

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Save the Date: MITEI to host Solar Day

The MIT Energy Initiative will host a Solar Day event for all members of the community to learn about MIT’s Institute-wide solar research activities, as well as to strengthen overall awareness. MIT Solar Day, as described […]

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