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2015 News in Brief



CEE Associate Professor Colette Heald Promoted to Tenure

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Professor Colette Heald has been promoted to associate professor with tenure, effective July 1, 2015. “This promotion is a recognition of Colette’s very significant scholarly accomplishments and impacts, her service to MIT and the broader scientific community, and her contributions to our educational programs and the education of our students,” wrote Professor Markus Buehler, CEE department head, in a message to the community. Heald’s work in biosphere-atmosphere interactions, aerosol sources and transformations and the connections between atmospheric chemistry and climate has led to groundbreaking studies that involve the observation of the atmosphere from scales including ground stations, aircraft campaigns and satellite sensors with global models of chemistry and climate. In a recent study, Heald demonstrated how ozone can collude with climate change to curb crop yields and threaten global food security. To learn more about Heald’s research, please visit her lab’s website.