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2015 News in Brief



CEE Magnifies Vibrations in Bridges and Buildings

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Photo: Oral and Co.

To most, buildings and bridges appear stationary, fixed in place. However, a recent study indicates that a team of MIT researchers perceives infrastructural movements a little differently. CEE Professor Oral Buyukozturk, CEE graduate student Justin Chen ’13 and others developed an innovative method to see these otherwise invisible vibrations through employing high-speed video with computer vision techniques. While high-speed video normally wouldn’t detect a building’s vibrations, the researchers used “motion magnification” to exaggerate the tiny, sub pixel motions. “Depending on your objective, perhaps you could use the camera on your cellphone for screening, and if you detect something, you could concentrate on it with a high-power camera,” said Buyukozturk. “There are levels of inspection, and you don’t always have to start with the highest-quality camera.” For the full story, please see here.