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2015 News in Brief



Colette Heald awarded the 2015 James B. Macelwane Medal

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PHOTO: Colette Heald

In recognition of her “significant contributions to the geophysical sciences by an outstanding young scientist,” Professor Colette Heald was awarded the 2015 James B. Macelwane Medal. Heald, an atmospheric chemist, is regarded as an international leader in biosphere-atmosphere interactions, aerosol sources and transformations, with a particular focus on the connections between atmospheric chemistry and climate. “I’m very honored to have been nominated and supported by my colleagues for this prestigious AGU (American Geophysics Union) award,” she said. “Receiving the Macelwane prize represents a pinnacle in my career.” Heald will be celebrated at the annual 2015 AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony and Banquet held on December 16 in San Francisco. For the article, please see here.