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2012 News in Brief



ERC airs proposal for Global Environment Initiative

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image of earth from spaceAs the world’s population continues to expand, our natural resources will become increasingly strained. In an effort to find sustainable solutions for the planet’s growing population while minimizing environmental impacts, MIT’s Environmental Research Council (ERC) — led by CEE Professor Dara Entekhabi — has put forward a detailed implementation plan to establish a Global Environmental Initiative to complement the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI). The interdisciplinary, faculty-led council presented the plan to the MIT community Dec. 15 in a forum held in the Stata Center. Council members outlined an initiative that would bring together MIT’s core strengths to help solve the world’s pressing environmental challenges, from mitigating climate change to curbing contamination and maintaining fresh water supplies. Speakers included CEE Professors Eric Alm, Sallie (Penny) Chisholm, Entekhabi and Philip Gschwend. Read a news story.