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2013 News in Brief



Eric Adams featured on Industrial Liaison Program website

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Eric AdamsEric Adams, senior lecturer, senior research engineer and director of the CEE M.Eng.program, is the subject of a news story on the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) website. The article describes how Adams’ research in environmental fluid mechanics has helped engineers better understand oil spills. Specifically, his studies of multi-phase pollutants — fluid set in motion by the buoyancy of bubbles, droplets and particles — have provided important insights into what happens during a deep ocean oil spill. He has shown that most oil from an oil spill will mix with water instead of rising directly to the surface, disproving the adage that oil and water don’t mix. Adams is also working on ways to reduce the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide by releasing carbon dioxide hydrates directly into the ocean. Read the news story and watch a video on the ILP website.