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2013 News in Brief



Grad student Zeid Alghareeb receives $150K seed grant for energy research

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Zeid AlghareebDoctoral student Zeid Alghareeb, who works with Professor John Williams in the MIT Geospatial Data Center, has been awarded a seed fund grant of $150,000 from the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) for his research proposal, “Optimum Decision-Making in Reservoir Management Using Reduced-Order Models.” Alghareeb is a former researcher at Aramco, the Saudia Arabian oil company. His research for this grant focuses on broadening the application of oil reservoir simulation for decision-making in light of geological and financial uncertainties using fast physics-based, reduced-order models. The news of Alghareeb’s grant reached over 3 million Twitter users after being picked up by the Arab press. This generated a high volume of traffic to the Geospatial website, placing it second in a Google search for “geospatial.” Read a news story.