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2012 News in Brief



Jerome Connor’s sixth textbook is published

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Fundamentals of Structural Engineering In late September, Professor Jerome Connor’s latest book was published, this one written with co-author Susan Faraji of University of Massachusetts Lowell. Fundamentals of Structural Engineering (Springer, 2013) is the sixth book Connor has authored or co-authored, but it is his first textbook for undergraduates. The 1,120-page book can be used for teaching three subjects: Structural Analysis I and II and Practice of Structural Engineering. Connor says his goal is to modify the teaching paradigm to incorporate computer-based computation and analysis into undergraduate curricula. “Engineers reason about behavior using simple models and intuition they’ve acquired through problem-solving experience,” says Connor. “The approach in this book will help students develop this type of intuition through computer simulation, which allows one to rapidly explore how the structure responds to changes in geometry and physical parameters.” Read the E-book online from within MIT or from outside MIT.