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2015 News in Brief



Lydia Bourouiba Receives Alumni Class Funds Grant for New Undergraduate Subject

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Photo: Lydia Bourouiba

On March 18, CEE Professor Lydia Bourouiba was awarded with a 2015-2016 Alumni Class Funds grant in support of her curriculum development project, “Incorporating state-of-the-art hands-on high-speed videography and image analysis lab activities to enhance learning of nonlinear dynamics, notions of instabilities and complex hydrodynamics concepts of undergraduate students in Engineering at MIT.” The grant will facilitate the development of advanced videography and image analysis lab activities for the students to gather their own dataset to enhance the education of complex concepts of nonlinear dynamics, instabilities and complex hydrodynamics for MIT engineering undergraduates. “It is critical to ensure that MIT students can truly internalize the concepts of nonlinear dynamics and instabilities in various continuum physical systems such as fluids which are currently taught at the theoretical level in various classes in the Institute,” she said. For more information of Bourouiba’s work, please visit her website.