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2015 News in Brief



Markus Buehler’s work featured in digital magazine Zygote Quarterly

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In the most recent edition of the digital magazine Zygote Quarterly, an article explores CEE Department Head Markus Buehler’s work on the fundamental makeup of materials and their enhanced application in the built world. The feature, “Our Material World: A Composition in Major and Minor Keys” discusses Buehler and his Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics (LAMM) team’s research, which untraditionally relates the arts with the sciences to determine how we can use the connectivity found in nature to form more sustainable materials. “A universal language of materials that Buehler and his team aim to produce would be a powerful paradigm and could open up whole new fields of discovery,” wrote author Tom McKeag. Zygote Quarterly is a publication devoted exclusively to the nexus of science and design as they meet in the sphere of biomimicry and bio-inspired design. For the article, please see here.