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2015 News in Brief



New programming tool could help engineers build biologically inspired materials

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PHOTO: Spherical spiral created with the Matriarch software. Matriarch can parameterize arbitrary mathematical curves to create molecular models of protein materials as input to molecular dynamics simulations.

Using a mathematical approach, a CEE team developed a domain-specific programming language for generating custom materials based on design specifications. The software, dubbed Matriarch for “Materials Architecture”, allows users to combine and rearrange material building blocks in almost any conceivable shape. “Matriarch could very well be the core of a new molecular design process, where engineering decisions can be made at arbitrary scales,” says CEE Postdoctoral Associate Tristan Giesa ’15, co-author of the study. Accessible as an open source Python library, the program will be a tool for engineers to discover new materials and custom design them. Read the article here.