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2013 News in Brief



Oral Buyukozturk is a lead PI on project to create 3-D model of Green Building

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Green Building projectProfessor Oral Buyukozturk of CEE and Professor William Freeman of electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) are principal investigators (PIs) on an $8 million, five-year collaborative research project funded by Shell. The project builds on the concept of previous research on MIT’s Green Building, which has been instrumented with a sensor network that monitors the building’s response to disturbances and allowed researchers to determine its fundamental frequencies and ambient vibrations. With the new grant, through representative laboratory models and implementation studies on the real structure, the PIs will create a wireless version of the monitoring system, develop pattern recognition/motion magnification algorithms and build 3-D computational models that can predict a building’s response to disturbances and detect anomalies and damage. Co-PIs on the project are Professor Eduardo Kausel of CEE, Professor Edward Adelson and senior research scientist John Fisher of CSAIL, and Professor Fredo Durand of EECS and CSAIL. Draper Laboratory participates as a subcontractor. Read more about Green Building monitoring.