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2010 News in Brief



Stocker to receive Lindeman Award from ASLO

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Professor Roman Stocker has been named recipient of the 2010 Lindeman Award from the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) for his work on bacteria-phytoplankton interactions at small scales. The annual award — named in honor of Raymond L. Lindeman (1915-1942), whose work laid the foundation for research on the flow of energy in plant and animal communities — recognizes an outstanding paper written by an aquatic scientist age 35 or under. Stocker is being recognized for a paper co-written with Justin Seymour, now a lecturer at the University of Technology of Sydney, Dana Hunt Ph.D. ’08, Professor Azadeh Samadani of Brandeis University and CEE Professor Martin Polz. “Rapid Chemotactic Response Enables Marine Bacteria to Exploit Microscale Nutrient Patches” was published in PNAS March 18, 2008. Stocker will give a talk June 7 at the ASLO meeting in Santa Fe. A webcast of the talk will be available. Read a press release about the PNAS paper.