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2012 News in Brief



Susan Murcott presents keynote lecture on water scarcity at Science for Peace Forum in Milan

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Susan MurcottSenior lecturer Susan Murcott gave a keynote speech at the World Science for Peace Conference in Milan last month. Sponsored by the Veronesi Foundation, the conference brought together government leaders, Nobel Prize winners, academics, progressive social activists, media and youth to discuss issues falling under the theme, Towards a More Equal World. Murcott addressed problems of water scarcity and water access in the developing world, particularly as they relate to women, who generally bear the burden of providing water for their families. Murcott presented Pure Home Water (PHW), a social enterprise she co-founded in 2005 in Tamale, Ghana, as one example of a viable solution to these problems. PHW makes it possible for women potters and factory workers to manufacture ceramic pot filters in their own communities that can be used by households to purify water. Since its founding, PHW has involved more than 100 MIT students in research and service projects addressing water quality, sanitation, hygiene and health. Watch a video.