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2013 News in Brief



Transportation grad student Andrés Felipe Archila wins 2013 Carroll L. Wilson Award

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Andrés Felipe ArchilaThe MIT International Development Initiative selected M.S.T. student Andrés Felipe Archila won a 2013 Carroll L. Wilson Award for his project to develop a framework for transportation planning in Colombia, his native country. Archila, who works with Professor Joseph Sussman in the Regional Transportation Planning and High-Speed Rail Research Group at MIT, will also provide feedback on Colombia’s current rail infrastructure plans while he works with the Colombian National Infrastructure Agency this summer. “The framework will have a special focus on improved project evaluation guidelines, on increased attention to multi-modal system performance, and on recognition of uncertainty in large infrastructure projects,” said Archila. “I’ll work closely with the leadership team of the National Infrastructure Agency and other stakeholders to have a more participatory planning process. We’ll develop this framework together and I’ll train them in the application to subsequent planning efforts.”