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2016 News in Brief



Agriculture, Innovation, and the Environment Short Course

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Agriculture, Innovation, and the Environment Short CourseFrom June 13 to 17, 2016, the CEE department and the MIT Professional Education program will be offering a new short course, Agriculture, Innovation, and the Environment.  The instructors include Professors Robert S. Langer, Martin Polz, John Lienhard, Lydia Bourouiba, Benedetto Marelli, Daniel Cziczo, Dennis McLaughlin, Markus J. Buehler, and Ruben Juanes, as well as the Deputy Administrator of the USDA Sally Schneider, Daniel Schmoldt of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and world-leading researchers from MIT, Abel Sanchez, Ross Alter, and others. The new course will focus on three areas of agricultural innovation; a) macro / micro aspects of environmental impacts including climate, weather, and microbiological, b) the application of advanced technologies, such as new materials, in agricultural processes, and c) the use of data and modeling to improve yield by enhanced precision and predictive power. The topics range from big picture and motivation to specific topics such as water-soil interactions, biomaterials in agriculture and environment, and foliar disease. Please share with colleagues and register for the course here.