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2015 News in Brief



First MIT Meeting on Quantitative Ecology

On Jan. 29 from 11 am – 6 pm, CEE Professor Serguei Saavedra and Professor Jeff Gore of the department of physics will co-host the first MIT Meeting on Quantitative Ecology. This initial meeting strives to […]

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Concrete may prove effective for nuclear containment

The long-term confinement of nuclear waste is a primary challenge for the nuclear industry. Now, a new study co-authored by postdoc Lucile Dezerald, visiting scientist Andres Saul, senior research scientist Roland JM Pellenq, and Professor Franz-Josef Ulm, offers […]

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ESIP student fellows announced for 2016

On Nov. 16, Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) announced its 2016 class of student fellows. Among the four new selected fellows is Sam Silva, a graduate student in Professor Colette Heald’s group focusing on atmospheric chemistry […]

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Fall 2015 ONE@MIT Newsletter

Everyday, ONE@MIT is changing the world with innovative research and cutting-edge education. The electronic newsletter’s fall issue features exciting highlights – all of which emphasize CEE’s influential presence at MIT and progression over the past few […]

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From Data to Models that Improve Urban Policy

On Sept. 21, Professor Marta Gonzalez’s essay titled, “From Data to Models that Improve Urban Policy” was published in The Cities Papers. Emphasizing the new data-rich reality of cities, this essay explores deeper insights into the […]

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Learning from urban wastewater

An MIT team, along with researchers from Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and Kuwait University, was awarded a $4 million grant for a project titled “The Underworlds Project: a Smart Sewage Infrastructure for Kuwait.” The study […]

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Register for MIT Energy Hackathon

The MIT Energy Club will host its MIT Energy Hackathon from Nov. 13-15. Participants will work on real-world energy challenges presented by pioneering organizations including Schlumberger, OPower, McKinsey, First Fuel, and the MIT Office of Sustainability. […]

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Third Annual CEE New Research Alumni Breakfast

Focusing this year on environment, infrastructure, and people, the department hosted its third annual CEE New Research Alumni Breakfast on Oct. 21. Department Head Markus Buehler opened the breakfast with a review of the various grand […]

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Lemelson-MIT Prize calls for nominations

Each year, the Lemelson-MIT Program awards a $500,000 prize to a mid-career inventor whose work has had a positive social, cultural and economic impact. The objectives of the Lemelson-MIT Prize are to: (1) recognize outstanding mid-career […]

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Marseille Winterschool on multiscale porous materials

The 2016 Marseille Winterschool, a one-week training for graduate students and postdocs during IAP and organized by Professors Franz-Josef Ulm and John Williams, and Senior Research Scientist Roland Pellenq, is now accepting nominations for graduate student […]

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