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2011 News in Brief



CEE faculty and grad students will battle it out on the softball field

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Professors Martin Polz and Pedro Reis strategize on the fieldCEE will hold a game of softball on Registration Day, pitting the faculty and postdocs against the graduate students. The game, a Parsons Lab tradition now extended to the entire department, will be played from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 6 at Briggs Field and followed by a tailgate party at the West Annex Parking Lot (across the street from the field). Hotdogs and other traditional ballpark food and beverages will be served. Everyone in CEE who is not playing is invited to participate as spectator and join the after party. To see a slideshow of the 2009 game and read a scientific analysis of the outcome, go to the Parsons Lab page. Editor’s note: The 2011 softball game was cancelled due to rain.