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2011 News in Brief



Hip-hop’s GZA, the Genius, tours MIT labs, including Penny Chisholm’s

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Image / Sophia Chang (GZA Facebook Fan Page)Hip-hop superstar GZA (Gary Grice), founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan (no relation to GZA Geoenvironmental, Inc., founded by Donald Goldberg ’54, SM ‘55 and Bill Zoino ’54, SM ’55), recently visited MIT and Harvard labs to discuss a variety of scientific topics, and gave a talk at Harvard. Because his forthcoming album concerns the oceans, GZA met with Professor Penny Chisholm, an expert in the ocean microbe Prochlorococcus, the most abundant photosynthetic organism on Earth. “We really enjoyed showing GZA around, learning about his creative process, and sharing our enthusiasm about ocean microbes,” said Chisholm. Read a news story about the visit and see more pictures at GZA’s Facebook Fan Page.