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2014 News in Brief



CEE Faculty appointed to Named Professorships

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MIT CEE Department LogoProfessor Pedro Reis, who works on deriving function from mechanical instabilities of slender structures, has been awarded the Gilbert W. Winslow Career Development Professorship. A specialist in the interactions of global atmospheric composition and chemistry with the biosphere and climate system, Professor Colette Heald has been selected for the Mitsui Career Development Professorship. Professor Lydia Bourouiba, a physical applied mathematician working on fluid dynamics and mathematical modeling of disease transmission, will hold the Edgerton Career Development Professorship. Earlier this year, Professor Heidi Nepf, whose work focuses on environmental fluid mechanics, with a focus on shallow aquatic systems such as lakes, rivers, wetlands and coastal waters, was appointed to the Donald and Martha Harleman Professorship. “These appointments reflect the excellence and extraordinary level of accomplishment, and potential for future contributions to education and research, of our faculty, and provide added support for their professional activities,” says Department Head Markus Buehler.