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2015 News in Brief



CEE Graduate Student Receives MechE’s Outstanding TA Award

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On May 14, CEE graduate student Anna Tarakanova and two other TA’s received the award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant from the department of Mechanical Engineering (ME). This semester, Tarakanova taught in the 2.002 course, Mechanics and Materials II, with CEE Professor Pedro Reis and two ME professors. “Anna Tarakanova, along with the two other TAs Khalid Jawed and Hussain Karimi, went above and beyond their regular tasks and expectations and were instrumental to development of a number of digital education tools,” said Reis. “Being involved in the successful development of these tools was a phenomenal achievement indeed.” 2.002 is a core class, and one of the most demanding classes to TA in the curriculum, he continued. Tarakanova was officially presented the award May 15th.