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2015 News in Brief



CEE provides seed funding to two new research projects

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PHOTO: Civil and Environmental Engineering capstone class installs their low-cost CLARITY air quality sensors on campus last year.

A CEE research seed funding and graduate fellowship opportunity, now in its second year, promotes collaborative thinking and action that result in widespread impact, improvement in the lives of people, and promotion of sustainability. The winning entries combine a myriad of disciplines within the department such as atmospheric chemistry, statistical physics, fluid dynamics, and environmental microbiology. The 2015 recipients are: “Fluid Fragmentation into Droplets Meets Microbiology,” submitted by professors Martin Polz and Lydia Bourouiba; and “From Measurement Data to Environmental Information: Interpreting Air Quality Sensors via Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery,” submitted by professors Marta Gonzalez, Colette Heald, and Jesse Kroll. Additionally, two graduate students will receive fellowships to work on the projects for the upcoming year. For the article, please see here