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2014 News in Brief



Course 1 seniors will demonstrate their new air-quality monitoring system May 6

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CLAIRITY: An Air Quality Network for MIT's CampusCourse 1 seniors will demonstrate CLAIRITY — the air-quality sensor network they designed, built and deployed across campus — in a public presentation Tuesday, May 6 at 4 p.m. in Room 46-3002. The network is made up of 25 indoor and outdoor sensor nodes that measure gases and particles and transmit data wirelessly to a central server. The system is unique in that it measures air quality in many locations simultaneously. This is important because pollutant levels can vary dramatically from area to area, says Professor Jesse Kroll, who teaches the subject with Professor Colette Heald and lecturer Eben Cross. Boston, by comparison, has only five monitoring stations to measure air quality throughout the city’s 48 square miles. Read a story.