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2014 News in Brief



Diverse International Work by Undergraduate Theresa Oehmke

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“As the years have gone on I’ve realized that [environmental engineers] kind of do everything,” said senior Theresa Oehmke in a feature story on the MIT News. Her own diverse work experience includes a stint in Dakar, Senegal to study the lack of a municipal sewer system; the CEE TREX program in Hawaii to collect air samples from a volcanic plume; a summer of lab work in Paris; and last summer’s job in Minnesota studying how soil and rock debris flow downhill when water accumulates. Water-related activities dominate Oehmke’s extracurricular commitments at MIT, where she has been captain of the Women’s Water Polo Club for four years. She also holds leadership positions in Amphibious Achievement, a program run by MIT students for inner-city Boston high school students that includes competitive swimming and rowing, as well as academic focus, mentoring and college counseling.

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