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2016 News in Brief



Elfatih Eltahir on environmental management to combat Zika

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PHOTO: Graduate student Osama Mekhi Seidahmed in the Eltahir Research Group holds up larvae of the Dengue-carrying mosquito collected in a water bottle. Environmental management techniques used for related viruses like Dengue and malaria can inform approaches to the recent Zika outbreak.

Associate Department Head Elfatih Eltahir has long been interested in the Aedes aegypti mosquito — responsible for the devastating virus, Dengue, and now Zika. In a Q&A with the MIT School of Engineering, Eltahir explains how his work simulating regional climate processes to understand land surface hydrology can also serve to explain Zika virus outbreak and suggest potential mitigation and prevention approaches. As it appears, the understanding of where water meets land might reveal how infectious diseases spread and ultimately inform environmental management solutions. Read the article.