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2009 News in Brief



Eltahir’s malaria research featured in SEED Magazine

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SEED Magazine included Professor Elfatih Eltahir’s malaria research in a June 11 article profiling “the most promising and innovative approaches to fighting malaria.” The article by Maywa Montenegro accompanies a longer article about the health risks associated with using DDT in the developing world. In “Malaria: Five New Weapons,” Montenegro writes: MIT professor of civil and environmental engineering Elfatih Eltahir and graduate students Rebecca Gianotti and Arne Bomblies have developed a new computer model that analyzes the effectiveness of environmental methods of malaria control. The MIT model shows how actions like eliminating low spots where pools of water collect during the rainy season, or applying plant-derived pesticides to limit the growth of mosquitoes can have a dramatic effect on controlling malaria’s spread. Read article.