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2009 News in Brief



Germaine writes the book on geotechnical lab measurements

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A book based on senior lecturer and senior research associate John Germaine’s 25 years experience teaching geotechnical and other civil engineering measurement subjects has just been published by John Wiley & Sons. “Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers,” written by Germaine and his wife, Amy Varney Germaine ’96, S.M. ’98, covers many of the basic geotechnical tests used in undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as in commercial laboratories. “I have continually developed and revised experimental modules focused on specific tests to teach methods, theory, equipment, procedures and interpretation. This book is a greatly expanded edition of these modules,” said Germaine. “It also draws heavily on my research and consulting experience working with a wide variety of geotechnical materials. We included an online supplement providing blank data sheets, a full set of measurements for anyone trying to teach the class without a physical laboratory, and a set of instructor calculations. Getting quality results from a test often requires slight modifications to standard techniques, what many refer to as the ‘art’ of testing. We tried to capture some of this thinking in the book.”