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2013 News in Brief



Grad student Leon Dimas organizes Math Day Treasure Hunt for elementary school children

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Leon DimasCEE graduate student Leon Dimas helped organize Math Day Treasure Hunt, an event for elementary school children presented by MITxplore, an outreach program co-founded by Dimas and graduate students Narges Kaynia and Debbie Nguyen of mechanical engineering. On Sunday, May 12, about 90 fourth, fifth and sixth graders and their parents from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island participated in the Math Day Treasure Hunt in the Media Lab Complex. The MIT student organizers divided the sixth floor of the building into three mathematical islands where ‘xplorers, as the participants were called, engaged in activities in three categories: probability; geometry and topology; and numbers and limits. Participants gathered coins in reward for creative thinking and logical reasoning and, at the end of the day, received MITxplore t-shirts. MIT Professors Rodolfo Rosales and Lawrence Guth of mathematics also gave presentations. Visit the MITxplore facebook page.